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Installing on Windows 8

Installer Hangs

The installer for SymmetricDS 3.5 does not escalate privilege correctly on Windows 8, which makes the installer hang while copying files. To work around the issue, you can choose one of the following options. Either:

  • Install to an unprivileged directory like "C:\apps" instead. Leave the default option of "Run from Program Shortcut" selected so it won't try to install a service. (The service can be installed later.)


  • Manually escalate privilege by searching for "cmd", right-click, and select "Run as Administrator". In the command window, run "java -jar symmetric-pro-X.Y.Z-setup.jar".

Java Not Found

The installer does not recognize the Java JRE correctly, and the SymmetricDS server may not start. To work around the issue, follow these steps:

  1. Search for "env" and click "Edit environment variables for your account"

  2. Click the "New" button for user variables and enter the name of "JAVA_HOME" with value of the directory where your Java JRE is installed. For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7.

Running SymmetricDS server

  1. Search for "sym" and click "Run Server". This starts the server in a command window.

  2. Search for "sym" and click "SymmetricDS Pro Console". This opens the web console at http://localhost:31415/ in your web browser.

Installing as a Service

If you would like to run SymmetricDS as a Windows service, then you can use these steps:

  1. Stop the SymmetricDS server if it is running in a command window.

  2. Find the file "bin\install_service.bat", right click on it, select "Run as Administrator".

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