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Setting Up Basic Auth

Use Case

How to setup basic authentication between nodes.


Master Node (Registration Node)

  1. At the bottom of your existing {SYM_HOME}/web/WEB-INF/web.xml file, add a security constraint by adding the following lines:

  2. Create a jetty-web.xml with the following contents int the {SYM_HOME}/web/WEB-INF folder. This will add a login service handler.

  3. Create a file with the following contents and put into the {SYM_HOME}/web/WEB-INF folder. This file contains the usernames and passwords needed by nodes to authenticate.


    The format of the is "username: password, role". The role in the needs to match the role in the web.xml.

    node: secret,nodeRole
    node2: secret2,nodeRole


  4. Add the following properties to each node. Find the appropriate engine properties file for each node in the {SYM_HOME}/engines/*.properties.

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