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Take a Support Snapshot from Commandline

A support snapshot is a generated ZIP file that contains logs, configurations, and diagnostics about a running system. Follow these steps to take a support snapshot.

1 - Decide which node to snapshot and determine its engine name. In the "engines" folder, there is a file usually named after the engine for each local node. You can verify the engine name by opening the file and finding the "" property.

2 - Run the "jmx" command to take the snapshot. The command is found in the "bin" folder for SymmetricDS 3.6 and later. Provide the engine name you found in step 1, replacing both references of server.

jmx --engine server --bean org.jumpmind.symmetric.server:name=Node --method snapshot

3 - Find the generated ZIP snapshot file. The command will output the file name that was written. You can also find the snapshot and previous ones inside the "tmp/{}/snapshots" folder.


4 - Send the ZIP file to

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