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Journaling on AS/400 Files

SymmetricDS requires transactions to guarantee data replication, using a commit when all data is loaded and rolling back when there is an error. On DB2 for i (AS/400), this requires journaling on each file created by SymmetricDS (prefixed with the name SYM) and on each file involved in data replication. If you receive the SQL7008 error during startup of SymmetricDS, it means journaling needs to be enabled. Here are the steps to enable journaling:

  • Create a journal receiver object:

CRTJRNRCV JRNRCV(library/journal-rcv-name)

  • Create a journal object:

CRTJRN JRN(library/journal-name) JRNRCV(library/journal-rcv-name)

  • Start journaling a file:

STRJRNPF FILE(library/physical-file) JRN(library/journal-name)

These step are repeated for each physical file in the database. Make sure you replace the place-holders above (library, journal-rcv-name, journal-name, physical-file) with your actual names.

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