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Support Versus Consulting

While either a Support Engineer or a Consultant can diagnose problems and guide you through tasks, a Consultant is more effective at understanding your technical environment and customizing the solution for you. Consulting is available to Support Subscribers by signing an order form for a "JumpStart Service" that has a number of hours and a list of tasks. Here is a comparison of the activities associated with Support versus Consulting.


  • Group of support engineers who fulfill the service level agreement
  • Interaction via email and support center
  • Answers for installation, configuration, and product usage
  • Guidance on best practices for tuning performance
  • Fix a defect for a patch or release


  • Dedicated consultant who is scheduled for your project
  • Interaction via email, screen share, and phone
  • Assist or perform installation, configuration, and usage
  • Perform tuning of system and configuration
  • Custom development of product enhancement

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