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Named Support Contacts

As part of your Support Subscription with JumpMind, support issues entered as tickets through the Support Center website or emailed to the support address need to be directed through your company's Named Support Contacts. Using Named Support Contacts has the following benefits:

Procedure: There is usually an internal team at your company who is responsible for the implemented solution, so directing requests through that team follows proper internal operating procedures.

Security: To resolve issues in production, the Support team may recommend a configuration change or operational procedure, so we need to be sure we are advising the individuals responsible for the overall system health.

Standards: Each end user may use the system differently, and routing questions through your company's Named Support Contacts ensures that internal standards are met.

If we are contacted by someone who is not listed as a Named Support Contact, then we will ask them to direct the question through a Named Support Contact. However, as long as a Named Support Contact is leading the request, additional contacts can be included in the conversation for the ticket by putting them in the carbon copy (CC) list. The first message of a new ticket determines the contacts for the ticket who receive all subsequent messages.

If you need to update the Named Support Contacts listed for your organization, one of the Named Support Contacts should open a ticket with Support asking us to update your records.

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