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Support Holidays

The following list of holidays are non-business days for JumpMind. Support staff will respond to messages received during these holidays on the next business day after the holiday. If you are an Enterprise Subscription customer with a Priority-1 production outage, contact the off-hours support engineer via the urgent support phone number. Please consult the Support Interaction Guide for specific information on contact, service levels, and response times.

2022 Support Holidays

  • 3 Jan: New Year's Holiday
  • 30 May: Memorial Day
  • 4 Jul: Independence Day
  • 5 Sep: Labor Day
  • 24 Nov: Thanksgiving Day
  • 26 Dec: Christmas Holiday

2023 Support Holidays

  • 2 Jan: New Year's Holiday
  • 29 May: Memorial Day
  • 4 Jul: Independence Day
  • 4 Sep: Labor Day
  • 23 Nov: Thanksgiving Day
  • 25 Dec: Christmas Day

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