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Jetty End Of File Exception / Jetty Idle Timeout Exception

The idle timeout is specified by the application parameter --max-idle-time, and defaults to 90000 This parameter is in the sym_service.conf file.

If during the synchronization that you are receiving Idle Timeout Exceptions, check the application parameter value and make sure that it is large enough.

If it is large enough, or you are getting End Of File exceptions, then check to see if a VPN is used between the two nodes. If a VPN is used, check the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) value that is set on both sides of the VPN. The MTU values should match, and the value should allow enough room for VPN overhead (headers and wrappers) so that the maximum size does not go over a size of 1500.

1500 is the value that is used by Ethernet interfaces, and so if the MTU value of the VPN is set to something like 1460, that may not be enough room to hold the payload plus the VPN headers and wrappers, causing communication problems.

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