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Switching to HTTPS

To switch an existing network of nodes from HTTP to HTTPS, these instructions will enable HTTPS and update all sync URLs. Leave HTTP enabled until all nodes are aware of the change to HTTPS.

  1. Edit conf/ and set https.enable=true.
  2. Verify the port to use with property https.port=31417.
  3. Restart SymmetricDS.
  4. Verify that both HTTP and HTTPS can be used to access SymmetricDS. For example, use the ping URL: http://localhost:31415/sync/server/ping
  5. Edit engines/{engine}.properties files and change the sync.url property to use "https".
  6. Restart SymmetricDS.
  7. Verify all nodes receive the change to HTTPS. There will be batches on the "config" channel. After they are synced, all nodes have the change. For example, query with: select count(*) from sym_outgoing_batch where channel_id = 'config' and status != 'OK'

Optionally, you may choose to disable HTTP at this point. The steps are:

  1. Edit conf/ and set http.enable=false.
  2. Restart SymmetricDS
  3. Verify that HTTPS is still working and HTTP can no longer be accessed.

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