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Proxy Server

The standard Java system properties can be used to change network behavior for SymmetricDS. To use a proxy server for connections, the following properties are used:

  • http.proxyHost (default: )
  • http.proxyPort (default: 80 if http.proxyHost specified)
  • https.proxyHost (for HTTP with SSL, default: )
  • https.proxyPort (for HTTP with SSL, default: 443 if https.proxyHost specified)

A list of available network system properties are found here:

Java 7:

Java 6:

Sym Command Line

This section is for users who run the server from the "sym" command line launcher. Edit the "bin\sym.bat" file on Windows or "bin/sym" file on Unix. Find the last line that runs the "java" command and add the following argument to the beginning:

java -Dhttp.proxyHost=myserver -Dhttps.proxyHost=myserver

Sym Service

This section is for users who run the server as a service. Edit the "conf/sym_service.conf" file. Find the lines that start with "" and add the following lines:

The "" properties end with a number that must be in sequence starting with 1. Make sure your additional line follows the sequence with the next number.

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